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Reinhard Heydrich Butcher of Prague by hello-heydi

This piece evokes conflicting feelings in me. I want to go and hug such a beautiful child, but the knowledge of what he will become mak...

Alphabet of the Goddess - Death by hello-heydi

I give this three stars on originality because the concept of someone sitting on a throne of skulls has been used before, but you give ...

Aphrodite Heydrich by hello-heydi

I´m very pleased at seeing this version of Venus. I´ve only seeing her portraited before in the nude. This image makes her look materna...




Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and strong language)
Warning: This fanfic contains watersports, slash, and general kinkiness.

Megatron smiled pleased at the sight before him. There, on his knees, was his heart; Shockwave.
Usually, Megs didn´t mind his lover´s lack of facial features, but this time he would be willing to give anything in the world for him to have them. If he did, then his face´s expression would be one of complete adoration. But he had long ago come to terms with it, after all; wasn´t love about accepting your beloved as they were, flaws and all? Besides, why need a face when all the emotions the purple mech felt for him were displayed in explicit detail on his single optic?

Delighted at what he found, the former warlord took a step forward. He leaned just enough so that he could caress an antenna. -Are you ready for me, pet?-he asked, challengingly. -I will always be ready to handle whatever you throw at me, my lord and master.-Shockwave ushered his response, workshipfully. -

-Are you fully willing to do this?-Megatron said with a note of concern in his voice. It had been many years since the time he had tortured and killed those femmes. All in all, they had been unwilling victims. He did not want a repeat of that with Shockwave.

-You know I would always be willing to do anything for you.-was Shockwave´s answer. That was what the grey mech had been waiting to hear all this time. This, this was the mech that in long ages past, when the war had raged at its fullest; had been willing to kill and die for him. That kind of devotion could not, should not, go unrewarded. So he unclasped his codpiece. He grabbed his cable with his right servo, and proceeded to urinate all over his mate´s face, chest and shoulders. That was a sight that would remain forever engraved in his memory; Shockwave looked so beautiful completely debauched that he would never forget that for as long as he lived.

The former second in command spread his droplets all over his body as sigh, deeply. Megatron´s possesiveness kicked in. The entire reason he had asked his bondmate to do this was that he could find enjoyment and fulfillment not only for himself, but for him as well. It was only fair for him to also get to enjoy the mess he had made on Shockwave´s body. So went down on his haunches and started to lick hot trails where the piss had fallen. His sub gave a high-pitched moan, and he sunk his fangs on his throat; not deep enough to threaten his life but yet deep enough so that a few precious droplets of blood would fall on his tongue. This finally made his libido kick in, and between the hardness of his cable and the purple mech´s sighs and mewls; he knew that his was going to be a long hard night...
Purple Rain
Made as a Christmass Present for Nightstalker-13.
Reinhard Heydrich Butcher of Prague by hello-heydi
This piece evokes conflicting feelings in me. I want to go and hug such a beautiful child, but the knowledge of what he will become makes me want to run away screaming from him. I had the same feeling when I saw an old photo of Adolf Hitler as a baby: Who would have thought that that baby would end up becoming such a monster? The more I think about this the more disturbed I become. I feel sick, truly. Those two were extremely toxic and harmful individuals. You cannot live with so much poison.

I like the colors you used for his clothes and his open, warm and welcoming expression. It conveys the feeling of innocence you are trying to portray, and it adds a layer of realism.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
The War Maiden

A Song of Ice and Fire belongs to GRRM. The Hobbit belongs to JRR Tolkien.
Mild Spoilers for "The Princess and the Queen"

Warning for: abortion, attempted murder and an OC being a sexist pig with no respect for women. Also a rapist.

She was the apple of his eye. He desired her, from the moment he laid eyes on her. Gregor Tully was an ambitious man, and as such, wanted nothing but the best for his family. What would bring more prestige to House Tully than a match to a daughter with the blood of the dragon?

Jonella Windrivers was a descendant from Alicent´s branch of House Targaryen. Her ancestor had been Rhaelys, the bastard child her son Aemond One-Eye sired on Alys Rivers. Other lords would consider to wed a woman of baseborn origins to be beneath her, but Gregor was not one to hold in high steem the words of his bannermen. After all, he was the Lord of the Riverlands; and his word was the law.

Three moons had passed since he married the girl in the Sept of Riverrun. The woman had to practically be dragged to her wedding since she refused to be his wife. She said he was too cruel ambitions, but what kind of man gives value to a woman´s words? Her fiestiness made him for himself on her on their wedding night. He hoped that the following years would teach her to be silent and do her duty. After all, wasn´t all that women were good for?

In the following years, Jonella would give birth to two sons; Hoster and Brynden. The first one would grow up to become the very image of his father. The second one would turn out to be the black fish of the family who ran off with a bastard and had bastard children with her.

When he felt Death near, he whispered this words on his son´s ears:

"Remember the names: Lori Hill, Dori, Nori and Ori Rivers. Find them, and kill them. Bring me their heads, and I will reward you greatly. Fail so, and it will be your head the one to adorn my great hall." Hoster did not succed in completing the task for his father, for Brynden had hid with his family far beyond their reach. Dissapointed, Gregor would have killed were it not because he was the only remaining legitimate male Tully.

25 years flash forward, Hoster would wash off his daughter Lysa´s unborn child with moon tea. He did not want any more bastards soiling the Honor of House Tully. Too bad there no was removing the stain from Catelyn´s: her lord husband dishonored her by bringing a bastard into her house.
The War Maiden
This was a plotbunny that wouldn´t leave me alone . So I did ths thing.
A Song of Ice and Fire belongs to GRRM. I make no profit from this.

Voices. Even when she was alone she could still hear them, whispering in the dark. The murmurs had started since they day she announced she no longer was comfortable living as a boy, and they had never stopped since then. Even when her father, Rhaegar, had sentenced the whisperers to the punishment of Fire and Blood; she could still hear them, whispering at the back of her mind. She had reasons to argue that she had always been like this, but she often hid that they often made her doubt herself. For the voices said that the reason she had become Visenya was because her lord father wanted a daughter so much that he had become dissapointed with the son The Great Northern Whore; Lyanna Stark, had given him. Others, in their ignorance claimed that her lord father had corrupted her, given that he had deviated from the path The Seven Who Are One had carved before for him that he should travel as a female.

In her early years she had agreed with their labelling of their parents as deviants as as such, but as she  grew in strenght and wisdom she disregarded their words as mere nonsense. For she now could see that the only thing they had wanted was freedom. Just as they had wanted to be free from the constraints of another, so did their daughter wanted to be free from their judgement. She daily prayed to the Crone for her wisdom, and to the Mother to comfort her in her bossom and keep all those evil thoughts away.
I made this AU fic as a way to sort out my feelings regarding my gender identity, even though my situation is the opposite from the main character´s.  I was also partly motivated by the lack of trans characters in ASOIAF, both in canon and fanfiction.

No, I do not have a trans parent. Although I kind wish I had.


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I am not gonna put much info about myself from this since I am quite a shy person. The few things that I will reveal are that I am a college student, a fantasy addict, a geek, a metalhead and a singer (hopes to start a band someday). Anything, else, just ask.

Current Residence: somewhere around nothing
Favourite genre of music: pagan black metal
Favourite style of art: realistic
Favourite cartoon character: Leo Aiolia from Saint Seiya
Personal Quote: ola gia ola!

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